LUA patches for levels in Cloudrip Mountain Campaign


-- Your pet should find and then bring the potion to the hero.

-- This new method checks if the word is in the text.
pet.wordInText = function(self, text, word) 
    -- Iterate through each character in the text.
    for  i=1, string.len(text) - string.len(word) + 1, 1 do
        -- For each character in text loop through each character in word.
        for j=1, #word + 1, 1 do
            -- Store the shifted index i + j.
            local shiftedIndex = i + j
            -- If a character within the shifted index
            -- isnt equal to the character in word at the index "j":

                -- Break the loop.

            -- If j is equal to the position of the last letter in word:

                -- Then the entire word is in the text.
                -- Return true.

    -- word was not found in text. Return false.
    return false

-- Follow the guides directions where to run.
local onHear = function(event)
    -- If "west" is in the phrase, the pet should run left.
    if pet:wordInText(event.message, "west") then
        pet:moveXY(pet.pos.x - 28, pet.pos.y)
    -- If "north" is in the phrase, the pet should run up.
    elseif pet:wordInText(event.message, "north") then
        pet:moveXY(pet.pos.x, pet.pos.y + 24)
    -- Else the pet should try to fetch the potion.
        local potion = pet:findNearestByType("potion")
        if potion then

pet:on("hear", onHear)

In this case we are adding another method to the pet object, this allows us to call the new function/method from the onHear function. Normally you would be able to create a global function and wouldn’t need to do this, but for the game attaching a function to the hero or pet object will allow the functions you declare to be called in other functions you declare.

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