Lurkers Javascript

var enemies = hero.findEnemies();
var enemyIndex = 0;
while (enemyIndex < enemy.length) {
var enemy = enemies[enemyIndex];
if (enemy) {
if (enemy.type == 'shaman') {
    while ( > 0) {

enemyIndex += 1;

It says no error, it just says Ran out of time.

I can’t help, but the formatting looks a little off.

Shouldn’t it be enemies.length instead? @Vanessa

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enemyIndex += 1
be inside the while loop?

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Tried both of those and got the same result

is there supposed to be two of these } not just one?

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No, those brackets are complete lol.

oh okay
i wasn’t sure because i’m 99% better at python

whats your current code?

The same as the top, I tried both of Aya and your suggestions

idk i changed it so that its the same as my py code (as in does the exact same struff) and it doesn’t work for me


(20 chars is crying too)

question, are all enemies shamans?

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no there is also sand yaks

Nope, but doesnt this piece say only if its a shaman??

It does, that’s why I’m asking. Can you post your latest code, and a screenshot of the level please
(because I’m not a subscriber and I cannot access the level)

My latest code is the one at the top. I tried qwertys and your suggestions. The level is non-subscriber.

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(post deleted by author)

i changed this bit to:


and it worked for me

yes this would make sense because you need to increment enemyIndex after you kill the shamans