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Mad Maxer help with arrays


I just got on to Mad maxer and I have no idea what to do with all the variables and arrays so could someone explain to me everything and how to use it


Sorry for the long time with no answer, was a bit busy with some other topics…

You should have already encountered some levels where you used arrays. The general scheme is always the same:

//This saves the best candidate.
var best = null;

//This is the attribute to optimize. Usually you can rank objects against each other by some metric, for example maxHP or distance
var bestRating = -999999; //To maximize
var bestRating = 999999;  //To minimize    Only take one line depending on problem

//A simple loop-index, so we can iterate over the array
var index = 0;

var entities = getEntities(); //Here goes this.findItems(), this.findEnemies() ect.

while (i < entities.length){
    var rating = computeRating(entities[i]);
    if (rating > bestRating) { //to maximize, or < to minimize
        bestRating = rating;
        best = entities[i];
    i = i+1;

//do something with best

If for example you would like to attack the enemy with the most health, you would use the following:

var healthiest = null;
var mostHP = -999999; //It is a maximizing-problem
var index = 0;
var enemies = this.getEnemies();

while (i < enemies.length){
    var hp = enemies[i].maxHealth;
    if (hp > mostHP) { //we want to get the most health
        mostHP = hp;
        healthiest = enemies[i];
    i = i+1;

while( > 0){

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