Stuck on Mad Maxer

So I have the code for Mad Maxer correct and everything (my guy targets the correct enemies). However, I am just a little bit too short of health to win. I manage to kill the last enemy, but she is a witch, so even after I kill her, the magic orb hits me and I die. Is there any way anybody can help me? Also, Nick, do you know if you guys will add being able to sell things back into the shop (I have a lot of junk :smile:) .

I’m not yet a subscriber so I haven’t played the level, I also don’t know which hero you are using…

Are you killing the last foe from a distance or close up? If at distance, then dodge the orb…

As to the sale of items, I know nick has mentioned before that it is on the to-do list. (I’m pretty sure no matter what %price return they pick someone will be unhappy. Me for instance want 100% so I can swap equipment as needed, to play “high” levels and then go back to low level equipment to answer forum questions.) :smile:

It’s not a subscriber level, and I am not using range. However, could you tell me if there is a dodge ability, or something? I don’t exactly understand what you mean by “dodging” the orb.

Dodging means to detect the incoming orb and moving to the side. When you notice there is an orb flying at you, you simply move orthogonal (90° away from the flight-direction), so it won’t hit you.

Sorry about the subscriber comment, there are several “mad maxer” subscriber levels and I thought you were referring to one of them.

J_F_B_M covered what I meant by “dodge” (just moving out of the way), probably rather difficult when you are standing at melee distance.

OK I remember this level now . . . I could only survive if I did as the instructions said and killed furthest first, iow: if I didn’t kill the ranged opponents first I died, period. (of course better equipment lets you flout the intended code.)

i use tharin with short sword and bash (i also follow the prompt and attack furthest enemies first). I have 760 health. I barely loose (one enemy left at half health). I know I could buy a better sword, but i have 900- gems, and so i want to save up. any other suggestions, or should i buy something like the great sword?

If you haven’t done the repeatable levels, try them. The first 2-3 rounds are not that hard with a bit of tactic and bring in some decent gems. You can also simulate Multiplayer-levels, which will also award you with gems. There is also a daily poll (since today), which also earns you a few gems. That last one is more an endurance thing though.

If you’ve done all that already, and it is sure you won’t get any more gems any time soon, only then I would go for a cheap sword. Better try some multiplayer while you wait, or try some of the old levels.

Last possibility is of course simply buying a gem-chest.

I’ve done the first few repeatable levels. Also, I didn’t realize multiplayer got you gems. Is that new?

the “simulating” of multiplayer gets you gems see This post by nick

can someone post a code that works

See this answer by Vlevo.

Short: No
Long: Post what you have. We will try to solve your coding problems, but we’re not here to do your homework.

Along with “The Trials” and any brawl level, this level requires a lot of health to survive.
For me, this level stood out from the rest because I needed to buy a new sword, new chest plate and almost bought a new shield just to get the equipment requirements.

What eventually made the difference for me was manually moving Tharin to where I thought the high-dps enemies would spawn next. This reduced damage taken while moving towards them.

Basically, try to kill the throwers and shamans as quickly as possible.

After I passed Max Maxer, I narrowly passed Clash of Clones and then passed all the levels on Cloudrip Mountain with little difficulty since they don’t require expensive new equipment, only working code.

Personally, I think the levels with high health requirements should be spread out more so they don’t suddenly impede progress when all the newly unlocked levels require expensive stuff.


I’m also stuck on this level…
At the beginning, I had 1058 hp, but I die during the third wave of ogres.
So along with the starter code, I have this:

while > 0:
            if distance < 20 and self.isReady("electrocute"):
            if distance < 3 and self.isReady("bash"):
            elif self.isReady("power-up"):

yeah, pretty nice code. Just a few tiny mistakes:
you can use <= instead of < because the spells have a maxrange of 20 (3)
maybe sometimes its not wise to power up. Because it needs time and when lots of enemys are around u u can take heavily damage. Also its unneccesary for 1 enemy to level up. If u want bring that into your code :wink:

I had about 907 health.

the only thing is that I used Kithsteel blade 45.03 damage(114.9 DPS)

This level takes 470 health with the kithsteel blade using all the default code. This level has so much existing code there is almost nothing left to write… just two lines of code to win. Going to open an issue about that…

EDIT: I’m dumb, just made a simple syntax error. It’s self.distanceTo(enemy), not enemy.distanceTo

I’m playing Mad Maxer in the Sarven Desert. I’m not currently subscribed.

The code I have for the level is this:

# Kill the enemy that's farthest away first.

    farthest = None
    maxDistance = 0
    enemyIndex = 0
    enemies = self.findEnemies()

    # Look at all the enemies to figure out which one is farthest away.
    while enemyIndex < len(enemies):
        target = enemies[enemyIndex]
        enemyIndex += 1

        # Is this enemy farther than the farthest we've seen so far?
        distance = self.distanceTo(target)
        if distance > maxDistance:
            maxDistance = distance
            farthest = target

    if farthest:
        # Take out the farthest enemy!
        # Keep attacking the enemy while its health is greater than 0.
        while > 0:

As far as I can gather, this is the correct strategy for the level.

My weapon: Simple Sword (my Long Sword is restricted)
Health: 1393

I can’t see any way of succeeding at this level with the current weapon. The bloke on the dragon (Arizard) has 100 health (and seems to be healed intermittently). I die before I’ve even killed him, let alone the others.

From the entries above, I take it that I need the Kithsteel blade for this. I only have 1133 gems, and have played all available levels (even some multiples of the multiple-levels) in the countries so far.

What are my options? Is it possible with the Simple Sword? Is the idea at this point to “encourage” a subscription so that more lower levels can be played / gems are available for purchasing weapons? This is the first obligatory level where I get the feeling that it’s almost entirely up to your gear.

There is probably no way you can beat the level with the Simple Sword. However, I don’t have a subscription and played fine; in fact, it was much harder then than it is now.

The reason why the Long Sword is restricted is because cleaving would make the level too easy.

The fangrider does not heal itself, though its attack does heavy knockback.

But you have two/three options:

  1. Purchase another weapon (level was made easier, so a lesser sword might also work)
  2. Skip to Crag Tag. The mountain and glacier campaign levels have very little hero combat (I think only one level where it matters), and you really only have one desert level left.
  3. Simulate games, though that can only get you so far.
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Thanks for the input!

I can see that I could play Crag Tag, but have no idea where that is on the campaign levels. Where / what is it?
I’m not fussed about actually completing the Mad Maxer level if it’s not obligatory, but I’d assumed it was necessary to continue to the next ones.