Mage's might wait

How do you wait in Mage’s might?

I can’t import time, and if I try to run a loop using the hero.time, it keeps saying there is an infinite loop.

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What do u mean? (20000)

can’t you just use hero.wait(1) ?

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The way you can wait is by setting a variable to the current time plus however much you want to wait for and check if the current time is greater than the variable.

Codecombat does not provide the time module, and Mages’ Might does not provide the .wait() function.

CodeCombat intercepts your while loops and artifically adds a one-tick delay between iterations. That’s why the code forever: do nothing runs fine.

To wait time, just cycle through a while-true loop doing nothing, and the one-tick delays add up. You can either do this in your main loop as JWH suggests or with a utility function to wait inline:

// JS
function delay(ticks) {
  while (true)
    if (!(ticks --))

It’s strange, because there’s already in CodeCombat, but it’s not usable in Mage’s Might. :thinking: