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Make Use of Pre-Calculated Thang Data?


####My story begins like so many others; with a bug in my program.

While trying to iterate though the axles for the position of a coin, I accidentally iterated though every object in the thang. The result was the standard Position, distance to, but with many, many more.

nearest = hero.findNearest(hero.findItems())
for item in nearest: 

The result was this list:
x, y, z, magnitude, heading, distance, dot, equals, copy, distanceSquared, rotate, add, subtract, multiply, divide, limit, normalize,

I happen to calculate the magnitude, distance-squared etc. a lot. It would be great if I could just call the data.

Can I get results from those elements? Is it possible, and if so how.

 Thanks! -Cheers


Once you beat the last mountain level you get the programmaticon V, it will give you access to Vector commands including Vector.distance and things like that.


CodeCombat provides a Vector class. You don’t actually need the Programmaticon V to access it, however.

hero.pos is a Vector. You can perform actions on it, should you want: hero.pos.add(new Vector(20, 20)). Of course, the hero’s position is immutable, so it only returns a new Vector of with the updated values.

Once you eat Summit’s Gate, then you can get the Programmaticon V which provides a better Vector reference, but if you want to see what the exact class is, now, look here:


Thanks a lot! I will use the class as is, but put a priority on beating the levels.
Wow, having the vector class is amazing. Up to now I have had my own functions to add, subtract, and find the magnitude of functions. It takes bit of code just to get a single small unit vector. This is definitly a game changing aspect for me.