MoveXY hangs... unless I .say something? Very confused

In both backwoods treasure and the trial my hero keeps getting stuck using moveXY.

Solutions I’ve tried include moving to different coordinates, rounding the target coordinates to integers ( -x%1), looking for any possible loop problems (I found a lot, but I think they are all gone now), and moving to a different spot between moving to items.

The only solution I have found was actually just part of my debugging process. If I have the character say something in the loop it doesn’t get stuck.

What am I doing wrong??

Code in comments

I found an infinite loop concerning checking the coin value, and limited it to fifteen tries. This seems to have solved it.

Could anyone tell me how to quote code though? I can’t figure it out.

To quote code, either put a line with three backticks (`) before and after it, or highlight it and click the </> button.

jnoble12, this article on GitHub Markdown Basics might be even more useful.


(or something like that)
(this is in Python language)