Moving on in the game

Hello,I am on world 1, the level cell commentary and it says I need to subscribe to move on.

can you send a screenshot?

Well you might be clicking the wrong level, you can past the whole entire game without subbing.

I sent the screen shot to “

Screenshot 2021-10-15 094214

Eric would this be bugs?

this doesn’t happen to me and i am not a sub

No. Show a screeeshot of your world.

here it is.

I have also tried closing the game and going back in and have restarted my computer 3 times.

This is weird… Have you tried logging out of your account then back in?

yes, I have. It still doesn’t work

so I just made a new account :sob: :cry: :sob:

And you have said you DID report it right?

yes i have reported it.

A mod has said this is a bug that isn’t intentional. This has happened to a couple other people.

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I think this is now an intentional ‘bug’.

Yes, you now need to get the subscription to continue on.


I just created a new account, and that one let me pass this level.