Multiplayer Combat in Codecombat

I’m having a problem on PvP arenas. Well, I actually don’t know if it is a bug, but:
I want to get enemy hero’s position (cause I’m playing a mage and I would like to cause fear on him but so he goes on traps, some vector stuff). Enemy hero is “Hero Placeholder 1”, but when I want to get his position it is a “Reference Error: true”. I’m wondering if making a loop with enemies and testing if they’re the hero would work. I think the problem is Python is reading my “EnemyHero” variable as a string, not enemy. This is why I’d need some help.

whats your code?
don’t forget to format it with triple backticks

Try this
enemy_hero = [e for e in hero.findEnemies() if in ["Hero Placeholder", "Hero Placeholder 1"]][0]
But ALWAYS check if enemy_hero variable not None. You would not find enemy hero if he/she cast invisible, or your hero glasses can’t see through walls.

This is level editor and he’s using referee, please don’t post stuff that you don’t know

Im not using it to edit levels. I’m playing a mage in duel and I want to cast fear so enemy goes on a trap, and I’m using vectors to find the position so I get the enemy hero on traps.

Thanks! Your answer was really helpful.