Munchkin Swarm - Uncompletable

My friend had a problem completing Munchkin Swarm (Cs2 level 18) because the time would run out before he could kill the chest. He couldn’t buy a better weapon and he didn’t deal enough damage. He got to the end of the time without taking any damage, but the chest still had 100-200 health. We found out that this was because his hero dealt less damage, but it was annoying and others probably had the same problem. We believe that every level should be completable regardless of what hero you have. It would be greatly appreciated if you could lengthen the level or reduce the health of the chest so that every character would be able to complete it. Thank you.

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which hero are you using because all levels are completeable with the starter heros (Anya,Tharin,Ida and Alejandro) this does not count special levels that require a serton hero but those will tell you ro use which ever hero is required

He was using Arryn. (20 chars)