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My first level, im not very good

please give feed back.

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@lordSmiles Interesting level.

A few comments.

  1. The walls usually need to be 2 or 3 layers thick to properly display, it looks like you may be just using a single layer?

  2. I am not sure how the towers add to the game play?

  • Right now the corridors are difficult to navigate because of them
  • It looks like the Chieftain may be trying to attack the towers? I was able to attack him without having him attack me back.
  1. Give more room on the level. If you started out with 4 space wide corridors I would keep this throughout.

  2. Looking at the browser console log there are overlapping walls. This normally means that you place a wall segment twice in an area. Use the console and deleted the duplicates:

For a first level this is not bad.


thank you for the feedback!

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why would you put a link in a post with code problem? like this

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