Needing help on dodging aoe missiles

how do i command units to dodge a missile thats AoE? (ex: cannon missile and okar’s boulder)

@PeterPalov could u help?

It depends on what do you what.
Do you want them to move to the gem chests and while moving dodge from missiles?
Or do you want them to move parallel the missiles?
Or do you want them to move perpendicular the missiles?
Or do you want them to move anyhow from missiles?

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Move away until they won’t get hit by them?
Move towards a position while avoiding missiles?
Move away from a position while dodging missiles?
Lure enemies into a trap?

Like Peter said, depends on what you want

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just dodge aoe like form a circle around the player/missile

So the first one?

yea also i wanna do what Peter does in ace of coders (make archers go away once enemy hero gets in a certain range)

You can write it with Vectors, or just math without Vectors.

when i barely know how to use both…

ik i have to use a vector like this or smthn


but i dont know if this vector is right, and if it is, idk what the “thing” should be

and if both are correct, idk how to command them as they may go to the same spot…

Check the skating away level. There are the vectors you can use.
If you want to use the math I use, you should write 20+lines Just for the x and y.


thanks! it worked used most of the code for skating away and it WORKED thanks peter :heart: :slight_smile:


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