New Level : Arcane Ally

Are we not allowed to use eye glasses for Arcane Ally?
I have Wooden Glasses equipped but I can’t use findNearestEnemy method.
I can’t win the stage by just running away, OR I just didn’t tried hard enough.



Mahogany Glasses worked.
Does it mean Wooden Glasses is restricted, like Crude Glasses?


No, it must just be a bug where the inventory screen showed you as having the wooden glasses equipped, but for some reason when you loaded the level, it didn’t think you had them equipped (or they would show up in the bottom right skills list with findNearestEnemy). If you see this problem again, can you reload the page and let me know if the proper equipment shows up?

Wooden glasses now work.


Hi, I’m having a go at this while I have a little free time and I am stuck/ confused as to what I am supposed to do in this level.

I am guessing that I need to just run away and let the wizard take care of business?
The issues I am having is on don’t seem to have flag options to get my player to run to I can code it but it don’t have the option to put flags on the screen. Also what is the whole leaf thing and my character getting bigger about?

This challenge seems really unclear of what to do if I knew what I was roughly meant to do then I could code it.

advice needed thanks

Ah, this one is meant to be a bit simpler: just go toe-to-toe with the ogres, wearing enough armor and with a good enough weapon. If you can survive long enough, Hushbaum shows up to help you out, after which you should have an easier time with the rest of them. I think I tried to tune it so that the Long Sword and ~315 health would do it, depending on your random seed.

The leaf is when you’re getting regeneration, and the other stuff is Hushbaum’s spells, too. We haven’t fully added all of her spell art, so some of it looks pretty janky at the moment.

I’ll see what we can do to make the goal of the mission more clear.