New Level: Drop the Flag

Check out Drop the Flag! This builds on both Coinucopia and Copper Meadows and should be fairly straightforward if you were able to get through Copper Meadows without much difficulty. The real difficulty here is ensuring you don’t get caught in one or two of the gotchas and then being quick enough with the mouse to actually defend against the ogres.

flag = self.findFlag()
if flag:
# How do we get fx and fy from the flag’s pos?
self.buildXY(“fire-trap”,30, 46)
self.buildXY(“fire-trap”,30, 30)
self.buildXY(“fire-trap”,30, 16)
item = self.findNearestItem()
if item:
pos = item.pos
itemX = pos.x
itemY = pos.y
self.moveXY(itemX, itemY)
This a little confusing at first but fun once you figure the code and get the flag placement right.