New Level: Munchkin Harvest


Please not revive dead threads! This one has been left alone for 2 years. You can try posting this in a new topic.
As for your issue, first check if an enemy exists (like if enemy { and then do the whole cleave-attack thing).
Hope this helps :slight_smile: Also, in the future remember to format your while code, not just a tiny bit of it :wink:


Ok thank’s
I changed it ,do all if (enemy) and made the cleave-attack- thing
so my code look like this
Solution removed
Hellenar what thas it mean “format your while code” I know not so smart question but realy I don’t know :wink:


You can click the </> button and then paste your code inside the backticks - they look like `
If you ever need to look back at the FAQ, just search up FAQ or find it somewhere in the top right corner (if I recall correctly, it’s those three lines by the search bar that you click on, and a list of things will appear. FAQ should be in there.)
Hope this helps :slight_smile: