Error in level 17 in Backwoods Wald - Munchkin Ernte (Backwoods Forest - Munchkin Harvest)

In level 17 - in German it’s named ‘Munchkin Ernte’, in English probably ‘Munchkin Harvest’ are two errors:

  • I can’t find ‘Amara Arrowhead’
  • To get the level I tried to run the following code:

enemy = self.findNearestEnemy()
if self.isReady(“cleave”):

Although it is the same code as in the help video it doesn’t run. Because the hero had been killed.

Help would be great.

Regards, bolshii

Hello, Bolshii. For future reference, please read the FAQ to learn how to format your code properly. Please clarify. What do you mean by “the hero has been killed”? The code runs, but your hero dies? Your hero is already dead? What is it?

You have to survive long enough for Amara to appear.

What armor are you wearing?
Do you have the 300+ health the guide recommends you have?
348 is not enough, Amara comes out at 30 seconds, but isn’t enough to save me…
Finally, by switching my armor around I was able to survive with 2 hp left starting with 374.
Because of randomness 374 might not always be enough to win… (if a ogre came out slightly earlier or later it might get to hit me before/after I cleave, instead of dieing and with only 2 hp left, a sinlge extra hit would end the level.)

When I use sample code, I need about 320 health to finish the level.
When I use smart mix of attack and bronze shield tactic, I can survive with less than 200 health.

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I used the Kithsteel sword. But the Kithsteel didn’t cleave. Found help here: