New Level : Shine Getter

In my solution my character just moved back and forth between the same two coin positions because the gold coins always spawn in the same place on the circle once it’s initialized. It’s not necessarily wrong but doesn’t seem all that interesting… :frowning: (This guy seems less like he’s frowning and more like he’s in distress of some sort.)

If we’re keeping the total number and type of coins constant, it may be better if the coins spawned in more random positions? Maybe reset the entire circle so the next coin is not as likely to be in the spot that just visited?

Keep in mind that it’s randomized, so where the three gold coins show up won’t be constant, so:


Shouldn’t work.
Since you need to understand the lesson in order to write a more advanced method that just moves between the two correct points I think its OK.

Yeah, the goal is that you only move for gold coins. If the gold coins are more scattered you would collect other coins while walking between them. You also won’t have enough time to collect as much gold as you need. The lesson is just making sure you know how to look only at the gold.