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Nitro type chat

My high I think is 83? Not 922. Lol
Ngl, it’s scary to be in the same round as a hacker.

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my highest is 45 WPM. So who wants to friend me and race me?

Hi. Were you here before?

Blocked? What was your second account’s name?

Hold on did you ask Chaboi if you can be on. @Michael_Summers2

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Well then you should ask him.

I had no idea anyone else played nitro type and codecombat. My username is strongster, display name tYp1nG_dEm0n, team [MOXIE]

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I’m thinking about adding some typing features some future day, since it seems like there’s some overlap in interest in learning typing and learning coding. Apart from Nitro Type, what do y’all like? It seems like Nitro Type gamifies things pretty ok, but doesn’t have much for helping you actually learn to type faster. Whereas something like keybr tries to do some smart stuff to give you additional drills efficiently, but is pretty spartan.

What else is out there?

By the way, I’m in this main Nitro Type clan, you can add friend here if you want:


OK… you’re right about nitro type not helping you learn typing, but once you learn the basics of typing, then when you start nitro type, your WPM goes waay up. When I started nitro type, I knew all the basics of typing, and in a year, I went from 20 WPM to 100 WPM. It may take a while but it’s worth it, and fun while you’re at it!

I also recommend TypingClub to teach you the basics of typing, it is VERY good at teaching. (and it’s free!)

And for younger people, I recommend Dance Mat Typing ( for its graphic descriptions, though it can be a little confusing with the characters’ styles of speaking.

(P.S. for anyone who wants to join my team I will accept all applications, and for anyone who wants to be my friend I will accept all friend requests)


Ooh! Maybe you could add a typing course to codecombat! It would use the same mechanics as codecombat, but the only equipment would be “letter books” (kinda like Programmaticon but instead it would be Typing Dictionary I, II, III, IV, V, and each new level would unlock a new letter). Your hero would tell you what to do and how to type, and he would state the objective. Instead of a code typing box with a screen on the left, how about a keyboard on the bottom and a screen on the top? Maybe at the end of each level there could be a cool animation where the hero beats up some bad guys or something.

I like Nitro type was fun for awhile. I learned that every month my WPM was improved by 10. However, my accuracy was decreased because I was focusing on speed and winning, and there was no use of back space.


Is it going to be on Codecombat, or a new website?

Sounds interesting.

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I think I have already learnt how to type fast with CodeCombat and CodeCombat Discourse…


Casually using your computer is a great way to improve typing speed after learning the fundamental finger-locations. I used TypingClub to learn the basics of typing.


also you can use Typing Lessons, but they are sorta worse