Im giving out a free Nitro type account!

Sorry if I should post this in the Nitro type topic, please merge this if I should, but I created a Nitro type account and it was meant for a joke, so I thought I would give it to one of you guys! Here are the account details:

Note: you can change these at any time and the E-Mail is currently a fake one, so please do not try to message it

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I forgot how annoying the adds are. I have a premium account, so I don’t get the adds.

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  1. please do not log into the account unless you want it
  2. lets not get off-topic here post in the Nitro type chat for this sort of stuff
  3. to answer your „question“ the ads do not bother me too much, but sometimes I just wish they were not there in the first place, because it is a place for people to learn how to type not to advertise

I didn’t actually do anything, I just looked at it.

Okay, still thanks XD

jo do you more accs bec it didnt work

Welcome to the forum! This is a family-friendly place where coders can share bugs, ask for help on any CodeCombat level (don’t forget to post your code correctly), or just hang out with other coders. But before you proceed, please check out our guidelines: this topic.
Have a great time!:partying_face:

It didn’t work because he gave it out a year ago. And unfortunately, Jo_Pro probably isn’t going to see your post anytime soon because he’s pretty inactive now.

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