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Nitro type chat

Off topic but its categorize as … mature?


It’s not mature at all.

well my school catogorized it as mature :grin:

LOL. My school categorized an io game which btw we had to download for learning as mature cause it had „io“ in it xD

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Hey @abc, I joined your team the other day.

You did? Let me check the team then.

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Yeah, you did. Grind for our team to be an officer… and to get cash.

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It’s hard to do that when you have lots of work and a computer that’s barely vacant for you, but I’ll try.


@abc, does your team have rules about how much to stay on, because I got kicked.

You got kicked because we disbanded. Only 5 or so racers were grinding, and only 3 racers had above 300 points this season. Also it was stressful for the captain, so many people started leaving and the captain decided to disband.

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Ok, thx for telling me that. Sry for your old team

I joined LRONT, a top 30 team. I was one of the people who told the captain to disband the team because people were leaving and we fell to 80th.

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Oh, I joined descipl.

Guys, sorry I completely forgot about nt. I set this topic to normal, cause I did not type anymore and I just forgot. If you mentioned me or asked if I could race, sorry I did not reply. Please forgive me :pleading_face:


No problem. I will bear in mind that you don’t race anymore.


what happened to the everything pm???

Does anyone want to race?

We are still doing it. We are on number 14.

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I used to play but I quit when someone hacked me somehow??? idk

I had nt gold with over 25 mil cash