The nitro pm (15 cahrs)

the nitro pm is where long-time discourse members can talk about nitro type and ask for cash to join you must have been a discourse member for 3 months or longer to join just post down below

coding crusader, dont. just dont. more people who have no idea of codecombat will join saying this: “HeY gUyS cAN yOu GivE mE sOMe NitRo CaSh?/2/1 iTs onLy 75 miLioN”

sorry I am not going to post on hear but I did not want the new NT topic to be cluttered with people who do not care about the rules

First of all, you can’t send cash without nitro gold . . . which is sad.

At this point, nobody including you or new members should be talking on this topic. I think we have enough evidence that asking for Nitro Type cash is not allowed. You, in fact said that once.

@Chaboi_3000, can you please close this?

sry the first request was me being dumb I regret doing that and the other thing was because they were doing in a mean way I meant this topic d to be for like just kind request like if someone wanted a ne car they could kindly ask for it but other

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but yes my first asking for nt gold account was wrong but it also happened at the start of my being on the discource

I understand your reasoning, but I don’t think it was quite the right idea. Chaboi had to create a whole new topic because it got out of control. And honestly a big part of the problem was because of asking for cash. Maybe you could set up a PM with a few nt racers. But not a whole topic.


ok i will do that (20 chars)