Nitro Type world wide Chat

What don’t you understand?
Multiple people have repeatedly told you that what you are doing is wrong, and you have been a constant annoyance in this topic. You are either deliberately ignoring the rules of both Nitro Type and the Discourse, or you don’t know the meaning of the word “stop”.
Please, understand what these people are saying and stop asking to trade, stop being annoying and let’s try to keep this topic a friendly place to discuss Nitro Type.


This topic is temporarily closed for at least 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

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bro if anyone plays roblox should play minecraft

No, since Roblox already has remakes of Minecraft and is free, while Minecraft is paid plus there is no good version for tablets/phones/chromebooks, only PC

heyy whats up everyone here hows things going

Hi @Tornado welcome to codecombat discourse! :partying_face: As you know, this place is where you can ask for help, get hints on levels, share experiences that you had while playing codecombat, reporting bugs, etc.! Feel free to enjoy your time here! Please do not chat off topic. If you want to join a PM group please PM me.

Could a moderator please close/merge this topic please?
It’s the same as this one

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