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Official Clan List

Okay, thank you! :grin:


Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:


you have a crazy amount of gems.

I’ve been a subscriber for a couple of years now. If I could I would give them to you. I already have all the best equipment and don’t have a use for them anymore. The only thing I have left to buy is Ritic. My daughter has more than I do but she still has a few more high-priced items and heroes to buy. I’m hoping that at some point there’s new stuff or heroes to spend them on, possibly someday when the volcano world opens.

:+1: (20 chars hehe)

Will somebody join my clan?
We are open minded and will accept everyone from level 1 to the max level (what is the max level again?)
I will try to help anybody. Just summon me with @Enderlord832 and i will try to help
I will ask about making a competition on multiplayer levels so we can have tournaments (winner gets a prize if that is allowed) :wink:
And the description is awesome so click here to join

@Archion I have joined your clan.

So have I, just saying I really like your clan description, also you spelt Thoktar Thoakar, I’m not saying you should change it, Just wondering if you would want to change it unless you spell it that way anyway.

Thanks for pointing it out! :smile: I will fix it immediately. Welcome to the clan!

Hello all,

I’m a french player and I’ve joined your Clan “The Kith Kin Guard” :slight_smile:

How could we play as multiplayer ? Is there a way to communicate privately ?


Thanks for joining, welcome to the clan! On the discourse you can use a private message by clicking on the profile and clicking “message”, as for playing multiplayer, you can play against each other on the clan league but there’s no way to play with each other yet unfortunately. To go to the clan league you have to click on the dueling grounds on the kith kin guard clan and you can directly fight me and other people in the clan.

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Looking for active top clan, I’m currently a top 5 Zero Sum player.

Probably mine click here @Bob_The_Zealot

Joined, thanks! :smiley:

What kind of things clans do?

Clans are basically a group where you can compete against each other. Private clans are invite only and have advanced features(Subscription only), while public clans, anyone can join. (No subscription)

for example, see a few levels which will be released but isn’t yet.

Here is my clan:

Can someone change the clan name of Leigon of Lightning to The Secret Order of Paladins, and can someone also add this clan: The Ancient Order of Fallen Knights, here is the link ->

It’s a wiki, so you can edit it. @stephanie can you change the name?