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Is there a hard limit on the amount of people that one can have in a clan? We have a “full” section here but said limit would have to be >1040 (current player count of “The Slayers”).


Full is intended for Clans that are active but not searching for members. Kind of to show “Hey, I’m here, look at me!”, but at the same time signaling you don’t want more members.


The 78th Panther Corps is “technically” Full, in that all my classes have signed up and joined the clan. I’ll still inform new PMS students/teachers of the clan should they create an account on the site, however.

Also, I’ve noticed that the clan listing is now no longer in alphabetical order by name. I can’t seem to find a means to place it back in alphabetical name order. I am also not seeing what method it’s using to list the names–it is truly random. This makes it very difficult to see how my classes are performing (as I have students use a Period# naming convention to start their username) in addition to efficiently curating the members.


Edit the First post if your full. It doesn’t mean that no one can join. It just signals that nobody should join, but you are still there. Of course if you privately invite someone, no one’s stopping you.


Clan member lists should be sorted alphabetically again in the next day or so.


Example clan is looking like a serious contender with its high average level. :smile:

It’s also nice that you can join multiple clans and I think many people joined The Slayers just because it has the most members.


Why isn’t much people joining my clan? Why not? Even if I listed.


There are many other clans, and just listing here alone doesn’t guarantees new members (though it helps). But you can promote your clan. Tell us why people should join you.

This is only an example. No promise in the next part is actually true. Also this is the ideal clan, where I just made up my wildest ideas. You neither can nor have to do any or all of it.

People should join the Example Clan because we are an open minded and helpful community. Every new member gets a cookie, and during European Evening (17:00 - 23:00 GMT) there is always someone available to talk to via Skype, either for helping or just for a nice chat.
We have a mailing list in which we announce upcoming clan-events and which contains the login for our code-snippet-data and the link to our Skype-Group.
We get together every Sunday to improve our Multiplayer-Code, hold a clan-internal tournament on our own server and have all in all a good time. If you don’t feel ready for that, join one of our small teams, where our more experienced members will show you some tips and tricks.
If you want to join, just send us an email to and join via our link above.


That Is Cool. I know it is only a example clan but wow.


Example clan shall prevail!!!


how do u privatly invite somebody?


it is easy if the other person gots a forums account okay so go to > > create clan > my clans > click your clan > copy your clan link > message clan link to the person you want to have it


do i message it to them on this page


click person you want to invite > click message > paste invite link.


Hello Brothers and Sisters,
I am Creating a New Clan on Code Combat for all Python Coders,
From Novice → Expert Everybody is welcome !

“Python Militia”

P.s No other roles have been established

  1. Ambassador (Support): KaliPython,

If you are interested in joining a clan to study python and share Tip’s or trick’s Click the Following Hyperlink: “KaliPython” CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript

I have also organized Group Chat Channel for our Clan to keep in touch with each other, no download required, Click the Following Hyperlink: “ChatStep” - This website is for sale! - chatstep Resources and Information.

P.S Read this if you are trying to join the ClanRoom Chat !!

1. Users MUST enter “Nickname” as their “CodeCombat” username,

2. The Password for the Clan Chat Room is “codecombat”

Thank you all for reading and taking this clan into consideration !
Python Militia will Become the biggest Group out on Code Combat for Python Coding Ever !
Chatstep is usable on Desktop/Laptops, (Website) aswell as Andriod (Cellphones)

Active to this date


Thanks Alot !
Well take care of you and your family


My friend made a clan called 2beast4u and he wants me to join it, but I can’t seem to find it when i look at the clans section of the website.


Ask your friend to send the link of the clan to you, then you can join via this link.