Official Clan List


Looking for active top clan, I’m currently a top 5 Zero Sum player.


Probably mine click here @Bob_The_Zealot


Joined, thanks! :smiley:


Is this how you do it 20 discourse limit?


Wat? please elaborate.


How you repley by email


What you do is this, listen carefully young padawan,

  • go to profile

  • click on preferences

  • click on emails

  • tick one or two or all of these boxes:
    (choose which ones you want to have)

    Include an excerpt of replied to post in emails

    Send me an email when someone messages me

    Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or
    invites me to a topic

    Send me email notifications even when I am active on the site

  • Next when someone replies to your post it will come up with an email, and you can reply to the email there. And you should get the badge pretty soon after that, if I’m right in assuming you’re going for the badge. Eh? HMMM??? :lion::lion::lion:

You must look at your email BEFORE you look at the discourse and reply to the post, got it?


I already did it Master Deadpool :hear_no_evil:


OH damn! I feel unused. oh no