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Even if you tried to finish it, it would be to laggy to even know what is going on not a bad Sierpinski triangle.


Very fun!

So many squares and triangles and rectangles!

And it seems like nobody likes my drawings.


Nice!! looks like it took about 5/10 minutes :smiley: loop is very useful for stuff like this.


Time to go to bed.


Whats that? A pillow?

Oh by the way, I have another drawing:

loop {
    var x = this.pos.x;
    var y = this.pos.y;
    var one = Math.floor((Math.random() * 10) + 0);
    var two = Math.floor((Math.random() * 10) + 0);
    this.moveXY(x + one, y + two);
    this.moveXY(x + one, y - two);
    this.moveXY(x - one, y + two);
    this.moveXY(x - one, y - two);
    this.moveXY(x + one, y - two);
    this.moveXY(x + one, y + two);
    this.moveXY(x - one, y + two);
    this.moveXY(x + one, y - two);
    this.moveXY(x - one, y + two);
    this.moveXY(x + one, y - two);


Nice watch… did you run out of time at the bottom or something?



I tried to draw a “dinosaur” or a “dragon” but there wasn’t enough time for that.

loop {
    var x = this.pos.x;
    var y = this.pos.y;
    var one = Math.floor((Math.random() * 10) + 0 * 54.4);
    var two = Math.floor((Math.random() * 10) + 0 * 86);
    this.moveXY(x - one, y - two);
    this.moveXY(x + one, y + two);
    this.moveXY(x + one, y - two);
    this.moveXY(x - one, y + one);
    this.moveXY(x + two, y - two);
    this.moveXY(x - one, y);
    this.moveXY(x + one, y);
    this.moveXY(x - one, y);
    this.moveXY(x + two, y);
    this.moveXY(x - two, y - 1);
    this.moveXY(x + two, y - 2);
    this.moveXY(x - 3, y - two);


Isnt that the spell circle triangle from wizard101?


Vice versa wizard 101 got it from the internet

[Now for something completely different…]

Wait I just had a realization why does the forest have a grove if you get the ring in the mountain?


Retroactive level-unlock, it happens. The level that unlocks Cavern Survival should also be in the forest (so newbies don’t accidentally stumble into Multiplayer unprepared I guess).


Ah now I get it btw nice hat


Here just two simple fibonacci spirals.
Nothing special, but I think it looks kinda cool.^^


Tharin is our special snowflake.

(Koch fractals; Uses code from the Snowflakes on the Ice and Fractalization levels)

Feedback: Snowflakes on the ice

Nice representation of how the Koch-Fractal interacts with itself. Note how the smaller fractal always completes the larger fractal.

Creating a New Class : Crafter

Excuse me ,may i disturb you for a second?

and i have a question !!

what is skip doing in this function
this.drawPolyStars = function(center, radius, sides, skips, startAngle)


what is skip??


draw Poly(gon) Stars is a combo function that draws both polygons and stars because the only difference between them is that the stars SKIP vertices of a polygon with the same number of sides. So skips is the number of vertices to skip. (for example: Sides 5 & skip 0 = a pentagon which becomes a pentagram if you skip 1 or 2 vertices. It draws the pentagon “backwards” if you skip 3. And draws nothing (a dot?) if you skip four.)


Beautiful! How long did it take you to make this master piece?


Hi everyone,

Here you have a contribution. Basically, takes a text string and writes it to the screen, according to size, color, text spacing and number of columns and rows.

I’m currently adding more characters, such as numbers and symbols, and I want to add an option to color every character from an array.

I’ll post the code soon, i want to check some issues

UPDATE: If you want to see the code, go to the post: [Mountain Flower Grove] Flower Text Box


A heart floating on waves

Just 2 functions were used: one for a heart shape and one for a cosine wave. Sorry, they may look pretty hacky.

Functions code
def drawWave(y, x_first, x_last, dense=0.05, amp=10, rtl=False):
    X_STEP = 0.5
    def draw(x):
        cy = Math.cos(x*dense) * amp
        self.moveXY(x, y + cy)
    if rtl:
        x = x_last
        while x >= x_first:
            x -= X_STEP
    x = x_first
    while x <= x_last:
        x += X_STEP

def heart(x, y, scale=1):
    PI = Math.PI
    def xy(t):
        rad_in_deg = PI/180.0
        coef = 0.01 * (-t*t + 40*t + 1200)
        return (coef * Math.sin(t*rad_in_deg), coef * Math.cos(t*rad_in_deg))
    def draw(t, mul=1):
        current_x, current_y = xy(t)
        current_x *= scale*mul
        current_y *= scale
        self.moveXY(x + current_x, y + current_y)
    for t in range(61):
    for t in range(60, -1, -1):
        draw(t, -1)

The specific function arguments for the picture is a secret of art. The main idea is that just slightly varying parameters of shapes you can get something interesting.

Bonus: heart curves inspiration link