pickUpItem is not a command

I was playing the level Alchemic Stack, and it states that pickUpItem is not a command, so I cannot progress with the level. Here is my code:

# Use mushrooms to defeat the Yeti.
# Use potions to heal the hero.

yeti = hero.findNearestEnemy()
peasant = hero.findFriends()[0]
# Use "pickUpItem" command to take items.

items = peasant.findItems()
for item in items:
    if item.type!="gold-key":
        hero.command(peasant, "pickUpItem", item)
# Use "dropItem" command to put the top item.
# Drop the key near the door to open it.

key = peasant.findNearestByType("gold-key")
hero.command(peasant, "pickUpItem", key)
hero.command(peasant, "dropItem", Vector(40, 36))
# Use peasant.peekItem() to get know the item on the top.
# Mushrooms to the yeti, potions to the hero.

while True:
    item = peasant.peekItem()
    if not(item):
    if item.type == "potion":
        hero.command(peasant, "dropItem", hero.pos)
    elif item.type == "mushroom":
        hero.command(peasant, "dropItem", yeti.pos)
# Aaaand one (or two) final hit to the yeti.

while True:

Please help, Thanks

Your code works absolutely fine for me. Where does it say the error is? Can you post a screenshot of your gear? Maybe it’s something to do with that.

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Here is the error

My gear

I don’t see anything that would prevent you from using that command, here’s my gear:

There’s a small chance its the mimic? I remember having a similar trouble with this level but I don’t remember what fixed it.

Nvm. Changed the hero to Tharin and solved the level. Thanks anyways.

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