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Please help with Serpent-Savings



I’ve been stuck on serpent savings for quite some time. I thought I’d be able to check if the path was clear of the peasants in the tail with hero.isPathClear(x,y) but it is only useful for the walls. I’m working with vectors and would like perhaps some hints on how to even ‘detect’ the tail.

I’ve attempted flooring and comparing the x and y values of both my move vector and the tail-peasants positions to no avail. I assume this went wrong because I’d be better off rounding the values. (Nope : p )

I don’t know where to go from here… please hints.

Also, what are these, or more specifically how would I use them?

“# The following APIs are available on your team’s peasants: “snakeBackward””
"# The following APIs are available on neutral peasants: “snakeBackward”, “snakeHead”, “snakeForward”"

( I’m programming in python if that matters )


@Catechumen I don’t have access to subscriber levels by for the API’s if they do exist then my guess is that these are functions?



Try running them as function and also using hero.say(peasant.snakeHead); to see if they are attributes of the peasant object. peasant in this case must be a variable set to a valid peasant object.