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Polygonception - run out of memory/time


I’m finding this level (polygonception) quite frustrating… if a yak has 5 or 6 sides I usually run out of memory or time before completing the level.
I finally got a run with only squares and triangles:

and it doesn’t seem to like my squares. Can anyone see what’s wrong with them?
I could post my code but don’t want to spoil it for others…

Thanks in advance for the help!


Can you try refreshing the browser before each run? If I recall correctly, there were some memory leak issues regarding flower levels.


Based on your picture it seems like you are calling your function too many times (you are drawing one extra set of polygons per corner.) Do you have a base case that looks like

if distance <= 2: return


I used

if distance > 2: don't return

which should function the same way I think?

Edit: Ah, thanks @trotod - I changed it to if distance > 10: and it worked. I didn’t code it quite the same as the example and I think I was evaluating the magnitude of the vector before I’d worked out a fifth of it. Your spot helped me see it!
Also refreshing did help with memory issues, thanks @UltCombo

Happy Days! :smile: