Position comparison glitch

Using Python, I found that if I compare one position to the other (pos1 == pos2), it returns a different result than if I compare the coordinates of the positions (pos1.x == pos2.x and pos1.y == pos2.y).

Very interesting. There are no other components of pos if you print it? E.g. pos.z?

I can’t use the debugger (probably because I am using a chromebook), so unfortunately, I can’t use the print function.

Try hero.say(pos1.x) and hero.say(pos1) and so on.

This is because object1 == object2 is never true, even if the object has the same properties, objects aren’t stored in memory using {property:value}, they’re stored using IDs, so comparing 2 objects is like comparing "A218" == "D917", also for your information, they have a protected z property as well as some others as well probably

I use the console for Code combat on a Chromebook all the time.
Right click on the page and select “Inspect”, or press ‘F12’ (or Search+VolDn)
And then choose the “Console” tab of the pane that opens on the right side.

some chrome books have that turned of with the admin to prevent hacking to surcomvent site blocking methonds