Possible Bug on "Ogre Gorge Gouger"

Hey Folks,

I think this might be a bug, but I wanted to run it by someone before posting in GitHub.

I recently reset my progress to play through the beginning levels again as a refresher. I’m working on “Ogre Gorge Gouger” http://codecombat.com/play/level/ogre-gorge-gouger and the interpreter seems to be having an issue with the correct.

while hero.now() < 20:
    # Collect coins
    coin = hero.findNearest(hero.findItems())
while hero.pos.x > 16:
    # Retreat behind the fence
    hero.move({'x':15, 'y':37}
# Build a fence to keep the ogres out.
hero.buildXY("fence", 20, 37)

This level has a video walkthrough that I’ve compared my code against and they seem identical except for the use of “hero.method()” instead of the old “self.method()”.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the error, but just in case, the two errors I’m seeing are:

  1. Error on hero.move(coin.pos) says I should be using self.method instead of hero.method

  2. Error on hero.buildXY(“fence”, 20, 37) says that it has received an unexpected token.

I’ve attempted to run/submit the code with multiple characters and different equipment with no effect.

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Nope. I’m dumb. Didn’t seen the missing close paren for

while hero.pos.x > 16:
# Retreat behind the fence
hero.move({‘x’:15, ‘y’:37})

Nothing to see here.

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