Queue Manager Javascript

I just want to know why my code it’s not working.
Can you help me ?

// Manage the queue without mistakes.

// Useful string constants.
var PHRASE_IN = " in";
var PHRASE_OUT = " out";
var IDLE = "idle";
// The list of workers.
var workers = hero.findByType("peasant", hero.findFriends());
// Use this array to control the worker queue.
var queue = [];

while(true) {
    // Iterate through all the workers:
    for(var i = 0; i < workers.length; i++){
        var worker = workers[i];
        // If the worker's "status" property is "idle":
        if(worker.status == "idle"){
           // Say the worker's name and the string " in":
            hero.say(worker + " in"); 
            // Add the worker to the end of the queue:
    var item = hero.findNearestItem();
    // If the item exists and the queue isn't empty:
    if(item && queue.length > 0){
        worker = queue[0];
        // Say the name of the first worker in the queue
        // with the string " out":
        hero.say(worker + " out");
        // Remove (shift) the first worker from the queue:


append isn’t a thing in javascript. Use queue.push

@totodej did you write this code yourself? Because I see several errors in the structure, for example the for loop isn’t right, since the } isn’t in the right place (should be at the end). Then the worker variable is missing a “var” in front, as well as the queue.append mistake. These mistakes shouldn’t be made by a programmer who has been coding in javascript all the way through the mountain campaign.

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Thank you for you help.
Did you read all my code??? because my loop is good and I put “var” in front worker and queue in the beginning of my code.

Well, the worker part was right. Everything else isn’t right tho. (the for loops and the append)

Anyway, did you beat the level yet?

Smacker, you have omitted another error. I don’t know what this line is doing

        // Remove (shift) the first worker from the queue:

This is what I see when I put it in my working code:

Is Lyle the first one in line? Because for me my code works fine.

Send me your code.

My code also works fine. I replaced a chunk of it with queue.pop(0). I didn’t dig what this line is doing but it doesn’t raise an error.

The logic of the totodej code is faulty

    for(var i = 0; i < workers.length; i++){
        var worker = workers[i];
        // If the worker's "status" property is "idle":
        if(worker.status == "idle") { 
           // and so on

I thought (maybe as you ) the variable worker will be undefined. BUT NO!!!

Important: JavaScript does not have block scope. Variables introduced with a block
are scoped to the containing function or script, and the effects of setting them persist
beyond the block itself. In other words,block statements do not introduce a scope.
Although "standalone" blocks are valid syntax, you do not want to use standalone
blocks in JavaScript, because they don't do what you think they do, if you think they 
do anything like such blocks in C or Java.

and the same thing for python

In Python, the scoping rules are fairly simple and elegant: a block is either a
module, a function body or a class body. Within a function body, names are
visible from the point of their definition to the end of the block (including 
nested blocks such as nested functions). That's for local names, of course;
global names (and other nonlocal names) have slightly different rules,
but that's not pertinent to our discussion. The important point here is:
the innermost possible scope is a function body. Not a for loop body. Not
a with block body. Python does not have nested lexical scopes below the
level of a function, unlike some other  languages (C and its progeny,
for example).

I even tested this in disbelieve

for the curious - this is standalone block:

var x = 1;
  var x = 2;
console.log(x); // outputs 2

That is exactly what i said. The for loop’s end bracket wasn’t right. Pretty sure totodej beat the level already tho because they already posted a new question about another level.