Raise Dead problems

Raise dead won’t cast anymore, even when targeting self.

simplifying the problem as much as possible I ran this:

    self.say("this is the next line")

He never completed casting the spell, and thus never said anything.

Adding a null check didn’t work.

1 loop:
2   if self.canCast("raise-dead", self):
3        self.say("this is line 3")
4        self.cast("raise-dead",self)
5        self.say("this is line 5")

he did say “this is line 3” once, and then got stuck while casting the spell, never completing line 4

As far as I know they are already trying to fix it.

Yeah, raise dead is being worked on, though I’m not sure what the issue is anymore. :frowning:

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Gotcha, thanks. I was casting it a few days ago, but now not so much. Thanks for the info.

Yeah, looks like a refactor hit raise dead and made it even more broken :smile:

So, I think we have it working again, though not sure how well. Feel free to try it and leave feedback on how it does or doesn’t work.

In my little playing it seems to cast most times, but not always actually bring corpses back to life. Then the corpses die fairly quickly if anyone is around to attack them. The corpses also do weird things when they die again.

Also, I believe that raise dead used on a level that you have to keep all humans alive will cause you to fail as the raised corpse is treated as a human when it dies again. (This is a bug that we tried to fix, but don’t think it works yet.)

Comments can be made here, or added to this issue in github: https://github.com/codecombat/codecombat/issues/2038#issuecomment-69496257