Really hard trouble, normal?

Hello, i started to learn JavaScript with this game few days ago Before that, i learned HTML and CSS. Right now i’m at “Diamond Dozen” level, in the middle of the desert =). I tried to complete this level for hours and hours… almost every level take me a lot of times to complete in this second map, when i failed for hours, i go check some solution for it. Once i see it, i’m feeling retarded, cause it’s logic…

It feels like i need to get some “logical” patterns is this field. it’s like my brain need to adapt to it, really hard to explain =).

I’ve always had the dream to be able to make great websites and APPS =( but struggle like this make me think my intelligence is near zero, is that normal ?

thank you =)

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I suggest you to practice a bit more, or redo some earlier levels to get more coding experience. This level seems a bit complex, but the sample code is nicely written and almost complete – except for the findOptimalCoin() function that you need to write yourself. Use the findMostHealth() function as a basis, with a little adjustment. The comments say:

# Optimize your path by going for the coin with the largest value over distance.

so you need to use an if statement like this (this is in python):

if coin.value / hero.distanceTo(coin) > bestValue:

Happy coding!

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@Satriani nothing happens over night. The difference between being able to create a website and not is as simple as giving up. Those who choose to keep working on it eventually get it.

Now I will say this, good websites take graphic design, ascetics, clean ui, a real purpose, and merge them with logic. So to be a great web designer you will want to work on many different skill sets. Its often the case where more than one person will get together and work on a project using their complementary strengths to produce a better product.

You can always take a break and come back to the problem later. Some of the best programmers do this when they reach a road block. It is just part of programming.

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You described usual developers’ problem solution process :slight_smile: Each time when I start to learn/use new technology/framework/language I think “oh it’s impossible” and then after X hours (depends on the complexity and can be from 1 to over 9000) I understand “It’s obvious! Why I thought it’s complex?!”.

So don’t worry and try again and again. Also Harry gave a good advice:

You can always take a break and come back to the problem later.

Often solutions or understanding appear in my head when I’m not near my laptop (usually when I’m running or walking).

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You can try shower too. I’m sure I’m pretty close to finding the answer to the universe and reason of life in the shower.

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I prefer cold shower only, so my only thought is “Aaaaa!” :slight_smile:

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