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Reaping Fire (Python) (Help)


Thanks for reading… I ordered the griffin-rider to attack nearest enemies except fangrider, my hero is collecting coins(best value/distance ratio) and if there is any cross the mine field, my hero will attack it.

the code is running fine but I soon get overwhelmed and the munchkin or ogre will trigger the mine

I tried different tactic then, summon 1 peasant and griffin-rider, command peasant to collect nearest coins(my hero continue collecting optimal coin based on value/distance) and griffin-rider to attack enemies except fangriders

However, I still won’t be able to build enough griffin-riders to stop the munchkins/ogres.

both tactics will lose the mine field around 15 sec, this is too hard, is a caster hero required to pass this level?
Thanks for reading and any tip will be appreciated :man_facepalming:


well…right after this post, I re-submitted the level few times and not only I pass the default goal but also last 60 sec.

I guess it’s the bad luck in the first few submission :joy:
thanks anyway!