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(Reindeer wakeup) A question


Hi, i want to know why in this level, we use

friends = hero.findFriends()

but not

friends = hero.findByType(“reindeer”)

and i tried the findByType, it didn’t work. So why? i thought hero.findFriends() will find the herder Merek too. Thank you.


maybe because the reindeer type isn’t reindeer, that’s why the find by type reindeer didn’t work


actually, when i use findByType, Merek calls reindeers, but some of them are wrong.
He should call the reindeer asleep to awake, but after calling one reindeer asleep, he calls one awake to awake, it is really strange. (i don’t know if i explain clearly:joy:)

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Hmm… that’s weird. Can you pm me the code please to see what went wrong.