Return to thornbrush farm. please, help!

please, help!!
this code does not work


// Функция `maybeBuildTrap` определяет два параметра!
function maybeBuildTrap(x, y) {
    // Используй координаты `x` и `y` для передвижения.
    // Используй `buildXY` для постройки огненной ловушки в нужных координатах. }

два параметра == координаты x и y == нужных координатах

Wow u know Russian? :open_mouth:

English, French & Russian as foreign languages


This is my code:

(Solution removed)

Please do not post working code/solutions. This board is here to help people learn and simply providing answers is not productive towards that goal. Please feel free to post non-working code that you need assistance with and we’ll be glad to help you. Be sure to use the </> button so that your code is formatted properly. Thanks.

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Thank you, I caught ))