Roblox Studio Creations

Hi, this is all about roblox studio creations were you can share idea’s and help other people in ROBLOX! I am currently working on a story game. Tell me if you can help!

ROBLOX topic :

I will make sure to help sometime.

if you want to talk about ROBLOX go to the topic on the top, also you dont need access to ROBLOX. Just a mac or windows and roblox studio

I mean im using a device that does not support roblox

I mean you can use it on a mobile device but its SUPER DUPER hard

Yeah I will wait until I can get on a computer. Then I will help if You are not done yet.

Please don’t advertise publicly. You can advertise through your profile card though.

Okay? What about PM @Lydia_Song

Umm . … . not quite sure
Deadpool198? or Chaboi_3000

@Deadpool198 or @Chaboi_3000 || Lydia_song want to know if this is allowed. Is it allowed if I advertise over PM

Advertising is strictly against the rules.

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@Chaboi_3000 Okay not even in Personal message with another person?

The forum rules apply globally. Please refrain from attempting to advertise any content or software. If you are unsure about any of the rules, please make sure to reread the community guidelines:

@Chaboi_3000 I have read already. Thank you though.

Ok, just wanted to make sure so I don’t mislead anyone.

anyone wanna help with my game rn?

What game are you working on?

a story game , I also already invited you

woops my times up

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