Roblox Studio Ideas and games

Hello Guys this is a topic where u can talk about roblox games you want to make and also where u can sponsor your games if you need any help with scripting i do scripting lessons every friday and saturday so yea.And dont forget i also help with codecombat

If you want to friend me on roblox tell me ur user name, my user name is MikeNinja102
And also join my group here is the link!/about

There’s already a roblox topic, and a roblox studio creations topic :sweat_smile:

:email: Rachel :email:

I know but im starting my own if that is ok pls i do scripting tutorials/so… yea

No, there is a roblox topic so please do not create dup threads.

pls just allow this once many people wanna learn lua and i wanna give people the oppuritunity

This is a Junk topic can somebody please close it.

@Mikeninja102 if there is already a topic on this then please don’t ask to keep it open as it is junk and 2 of the same topic isn’t needed. @Chaboi_3000 please close.

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@Mikeninja102 you can show and help people in another roblox topic! It’s exactly the same, but easier to navigate. :slight_smile:


Yep. It has the same purpose and, if there were 2 topics, you might not know which topic you originally wanted to post in.


Sorry, but we want to keep each topic of conversation (e.g. Roblox) inside one single topic on the forum.
As people have said, you can do whatever you wanted to do here on the other topic.