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Sarven Desert stuck can't start any missions


After the keeping time mission i’m stuck. Nothing will start.


Do you mean that there are no new levels? or literally that you can’t open any?

'cause the only “new” level you get access to after Keeping Time is “Hording Gold” which you might already have (if you did “Sarven Sentry”).


I posted a new bug thread. What’s going on?

Error 520 after decoy-drill

it works then it doesn’t load. Now it doesn’t load.


Ah, I see so this post and the other are the “same.”

I have seen that error a couple of times, don’t know exactly what causes it. Some sort of internet or service hiccup.


I’m working on fixing this now; it seems like a new database configuration is gumming things up and only one of our application instances is successfully serving. Thanks for your patience as I try to get the other instance back online.


It seems like I’ve restored fast serving, but I’m not sure I’ve fully fixed the problem. Anyone still seeing serving issues?