Sarven Treasure Teleportation Thing

I was just wondering how the X-Marks teleport the player, I want to use that in a level…

When you walk into one if moves you to the partnered teleporter

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Check out the Referee for this one; the code to do the teleportation is in there (as is usually the case with cool custom level logic).

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  1. I looked at the Sarven Treasure referee, and there was this small, brown box with a white target thing in it, how do you get it?

  2. I can’t start the level, I looked at the Ctrl Shift J thing on the editor, and one item said error 404.

To look at the Referee, find the Thang in the Thangs list that has the Referee in it. (In my levels, I usually attach it to an invisible well.) Then double-click that Thang to get to its extraCode property. (Or, if it’s an older level, go to the Components list and find the misc.SarvenTreasureReferee in there to see its code.)