Sarven Treasure Teleporter Positions

Maybe it’s a bug, but I’ve noticed lately when I went back to Sarven Treasure that the teleporter positions I was using don’t always seem to work anymore. These are the positions I’ve been using:

crosses = [{"x": 5, "y": 49}, {"x": 5, "y": 19}, {"x": 76, "y": 50}, {"x": 76, "y": 20}]

Unfortunately, my hero doesn’t teleport every time he hits one of those positions. Has anyone else noticed this, or do I just have the wrong coordinates?

Well, I use the following, which is a little different than yours. But the teleports will active already when you’re near (1-2 meters), so it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

teleports = [Vector(6, 19), Vector(7, 49), Vector(76, 19), Vector(75, 51)]

# hint: to find the nearest one, use the 'findNearest()' method:
nearestTeleport = self.findNearest(teleports)


update: I checked in the level editor and the exact positions of the crosses are:

(5.27, 19.23), (4.71, 49.19), (76.67, 19.02), (75.95, 51.00)

…and the teleports should have a 2m radius for activation.

Thanks ant. Not sure why I’m having problems with them if they have a 2m activation radius. But several times in a run (if I make it that far) my hero will move to a teleporter, at which time nothing happens and he moves off of it again. I’m on difficulty 5 currently, so it’s worked for me in the past.