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Screen stays blank after login


Hi! So, I’ve just opened CodeCombat up after a long time, and the game has come a LONG way. But After I logged in today, it all went out the window and gives me that stupid blank screen. It only started happening after I logged into the game, the non-logged in screen worked just fine. But now even if I log out it’s blank. I will try creating a new account with another email, and I’ll let you know how that works.

Tell me if you want some sort of log or something, I’m pretty tech savy if I do say so my self so I should be able to get one… :wink:

Cpt. Gector

Silly tags so “others can find it”

Blank Startup Screen, Broken after login, screen glitch, codeblocks not loading.


Aw snap. That cool, well-spelled, polite post for nothing :frowning:
Well anyway, I got it working by creating another account with an old email. I guess maybe my old account was in some way associated with the old non-complete version of CodeCombat. Weird thing is now all accounts work fine. Guest, New, and Old accounts work fine.

Sorry for these completely useless posts, I hope SOMEONE else needs to just create another account.


Hm might have been having downtime then or maybe your internet shorted out while you were loading the page

PS: Discoruse does not use tags

PPSS:Tech savy bros man! :wink: