Skating Away Help Please [SOLVED]

Im trying to figure out what the problem is currently. I think you have to replace the yak defilement with this. There will probably be more changes.

yak = hero.findNearestEnemy()

i got past the first yak by using goal = Vector.subtract(goal, vector)
after that, he barged a yak and you know what happens

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Where did you put that line?

where it is meant to say goal = Vector.add(goal, vector)

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So this is my if distance < 10 statement you may want to try to copy and paste it into your code and see if that works. (Its not the full working code, please dont ban me) (now deleted, because I thought it was a major hint)

i don’t understand

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i will try that too

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Im having school currently so sorry if things get messed up

thanks (20chars) :clap:
i finished the level


Your welcome! Can you please check the checkmate box as solution to the post that lead you to the solution?

Congrats on passing the level! :partying_face:

Also I will delete the if statement now, because I think its a major hint to the level so I hope you are okay with that

He cannot, because he didn’t create this topic.

True, my bad, sorry!

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