Skating Away (python)[SOLVED]

Hey, My hero walks into the yaks no matter what. Here is my code.

# Move to the red X mark while avoiding the yaks.
# use Vector.normalize(vector1) to create a vector in the same direction as vector1, but with a distance of 1
# use Vector.multiply(vector1, X) to create a vector in the same direction as vector1, but with its distance multiplied by X

# The point you want to get to.
goalPoint = Vector(78, 34)

while True:
    # This creates a vector that will move you 10 meters toward the goalPoint
    # First, create a vector from your hero to the goal point.
    goal = Vector.subtract(goalPoint, hero.pos)
    # Then, normalize it into a 1m distance vector
    goal = Vector.normalize(goal)
    # Finally, multiply the 1m vector by 10, to get a 10m long vector.
    goal = Vector.multiply(goal, 10)
    # To avoid the yaks, if you get within 10 meters of a yak, you should vector away from it.
    yak = hero.findNearest(hero.findEnemies())
    distance = hero.distanceTo(yak)
    if distance < 10:
        # First, make a Vector from the yak to you
        vectorYak = Vector.subtract(hero.pos, yak.pos)
        # Now use Vector.normalize and Vector.multiply to make it 10m long
        vectorYak = Vector.normalize(vectorYak)
        vectorYak = Vector.multiply(vectorYak, 10)
        # Once you have the 10m vector away from the yak, use Vector.add to add it to your goal vector!
        goal = Vector.add(goal, vectorYak)
    # Finally, determine where to move by adding your goal vector to your current position.
    moveToPos = Vector.add(hero.pos, goal)

@NalfarCryptor, @JustALuke, @mercurym do any of you guys know???Please someone answer!!!

Please don’t mass ping people; none of us were on anyways.
Idk why your code doesn’t work for you; I ran it and it worked perfectly. What hero and gear are you using?

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Try adding the vectorYak and yak.pos instead. I tried your code before and it didn’t work so I used that instead. Not sure why it works, it just did.

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bruh stop pinging ppl like that

hmm i dont rlly know how to do it in python but in javascript i did it

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