Small problem please help

def guardcastle ():
    while True:
        if > 1000:
  "archer", "a")

it says cannot read the properties of null help @Bryukh

Hi, sadly, my telepathic powers are disabled temporarily :frowning:
Could you explain what’s the problem? Where is the problem? And what are we talking about?

If you are trying to get the health property/value of the enemy, you would use, rather than

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tried that but it only works for all enemies and not for nearest enemy and even forr all enemies the if even though though it should = true @Chaboi_3000

and what are the monster types . @Chaboi_3000

i did some trouble shoothing and i think that hero find nearest enemy is the prob

dont @ people multiple times how annoying would it be if i did this

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ok :ok_hand: thanks for the information

    en = champion.findNearestEnemy()
    if en:
        champion = data.champion;
        if guide.x < champion.x:
            if or g:
                champion.moveTo("f or e")

what do you think is wrong never moves an inch @Bryukh @Chaboi_3000

nvm i relized hero. find nearest