So i made a password generator or how u call it

so i made a random password generator this is the code if u wanna make one

import random
import string

adjectives = ['random adjective', 'etc', 'etc']
nouns = ['random noun', 'etc', 'etc']

print('Welkom to password generator!')

while True:
    adjective = random.choice(adjectives)
    noun = random.choice(nouns)
    number = random.randrange(0, 100)
    special_character = random.choice(string.punctuation)
    password = adjective + noun + number + special_character
    print('Your new password is: %s ' % password)
    answer = input('Do you want a new password? type yes or no: ')
    if answer == 'no':

copy and paste this code in IDLE and youre done :slight_smile:

idle? what do you mean? and its spelled welcome

IDLE is a place to run Python I think. I have it in 3.9

When I pressed enter after pasting the code though It didn’t want all the statements.
I don’t know how to use the Python in real life yet, but I know it needs other programs. Do you have something I don’t?

i dont know what you mean

Yeah, It was confusing. Do you have a different version of Python, do you have any other programs that help read the python, and how exactly do you run it? cuz mine didn’t work.