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[SOLVED] Aggressive Mimicry SOS

Zogazgot gets through!

Here is my code:

# Protect the village from the ogres. 
# Watch for ogres, peasants and ogres disguised as peasants.

# This function checks if the text starts with the word.
def startsWith(text, word):
    # If the word is longer then the text:
    if len(word) > len(text):
        return False
    # Loop through the indexes of word and text.
    for index in range(len(word)):
        # If characters with the same index are different:
        if word[index] != text[index]:
            # Then the word doesn't coincide with the text.
            return False
    # We checked all letters and they are the same.
    return True

ogreNameStart = "Zog"

while True:
    suspectFriend = hero.findNearest(hero.findFriends())
    suspectName =
    # Use the function "startsWith" to check
    # if suspectName starts with "Zog":
        # Then attack suspectFriend:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    # if there is an enemy, then attack it:
    if enemy:
    # Else return to the red X mark:
        hero.moveXY(27, 27)

Oh i did it :smiley: