[SOLVED] Bank Raid Help Pls

Hi need help for the bank raid level here’s my code
#code removed :slight_smile:

when i run it i dont collect coins after the 1st wave of ogres i just sit there and do the walk animation
Please help! :sob:

Where is this level? Can you give the link?

ok heres the link

What is your equipment

euh how do we share idk

Did you take a screen shot? if you did press the picture beside the heart

ok im doing that now

I think it’s a equipment issue because your code looks right.

idk but heres the equipment

i could not take a screen shot of just the equipment sorry :sweat: same on me!


Try submitting it a few times

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1st is a fail :frowning:

each time i try submitting i go up to the 3rd wave and then the variables just stop

Can you send a screen shot please

at the beginning or at the end?

When it starts to fail

when i try submitting or the code?

Yes when you submit it

Ok heres the screenshot

Try closing the browser and reopening it

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