[Solved] Copper Meadows Issue


I doubt if the case enclosed is a bug, yet I can’t find solution even when all requirements are fulfilled. Please, check attached screenshot.

Do you have the correct glasses? Because some glasses can’t use item=hero.findNearestItem()

Yes, I do. The “wooden glasses” give me the needed method. Yet the game hints to an error in line 18 on screenshot, which is even pre-built in the lesson itself, not added by user.

You’re using the wrong boots @Vadim_Krasnikov. Your currently equipped boots are the “Simple Boots” and they don’t have moveXY, use a boot that has the ability to use moveXY

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Oh, my… Thank you!

Feel free to ask for help anytime! :slightly_smiling_face:

I need help with this

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Please post your code using (```) so we can assist you step-by-step.

For some reason when I do this using the softened leather boots the guy moves around collects all the coins in one are and then suddenly stops and it says ran out of time